Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Reflections

I wanted to post this on Dec. 31st, but life got in the way and I've been busy.

As I think most people do, since we are now in 2010, I've been thinking a lot about 2009. A lot happened last year. For those who don't follow me on Twitter and missed it, here's a brief rundown of big events that happened during 2009:

-I moved from Calgary to my hometown of North Bay, ON.

-I started spending a heck of a lot more time with my kids (I get them every second week now, which is wonderful).

-I got married to the most wonderful woman I have ever known.

-Two of my stories were published (this year marks my first time ever being published).

-We got a dog (this is my first time as a dog owner, and it's been a learning esperience for me.). The children named him Bolt.

So, it's been a pretty big year in our household.

So what does 2010 bring? Who knows? I'm hoping it will bring much more time with my kids, more stories published, the completion of a novel, and more time spent with my wife. I don't ask for much, really.

Anyway, I basically just felt like reminiscing about the past year. Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and spent it with loved ones.



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Thomas A. Erb said...

You've had a great 2009 but I am feeling that 2010 is going to be a amazing as well!
Best wishes this year Joe!