Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't Wanna Be An Aryan Idiot

Yesterday morning, I decide to go across the street to Starbucks to have a coffee and read the newspaper. So, imagine my surprise when I open up the Calgary Sun to page 2 and find an article that states anyone willing to move to Calgary and join the Aryan Guard (a local neo-nazi group), the organization will pay their damage deposit for an apartment.

Okay, first of all, I want to make something clear. I am not a racist. Yes, in the past I have told and laughed at my fair share of jokes about other races. Looking back on it, I'm pretty ashamed of myself for doing it and I have resolved not to do it anymore. Having said that, I do believe that because we have freedom of speech in this country, that a person has the right to be racist if they so choose. I believe that racism comes from ignorance and stupidity, so I have absolutely no respect for the Aryan Guard or any other neo-nazi organization. However, I also believe that they have a right to do their protests and have their little group. This is not the most popular stance I've taken on an issue, but free speech is something that is very important to me, so I have to let other people have the same freedoms. It's in the charter of rights and freedoms.

What I think is appaling is the fact that the Sun printed a huge article about it on page 2. So, basically the Sun is advertising for this group of racist idiots for free. Now, every hillbilly racist moron that wasn't aware of this group before, is aware of them now, and the group can get more recruits. Which is what the world needs, more ignorant, racist fuckers running around causing trouble for people just because of the colour of their skin.

Anyway, I just thought I'd spew out about this because I really pissed off about it when I read that article and I really need to get this out of my system.

Writing updates: None really. I've been slacking a bit because I've been spending a lot of time playing Grand Theft Auto 4. I need to pull up my socks and kick my ass into gear and get some stuff done. Plus, I still need people to read "Terror Eyes" and tell me what they think. Anyone interested please leave me a contact or email me, or leave me a note on Facebook.



Sunday, July 13, 2008

Damn Kids!

I always used to say that you've officially reached old age when you start using the phrase "Those damn kids!"

So that means I have now officially reached old age.

Two nights ago, I decided to go to Tim Horton's after work. Okay, I was locked out of the house so the decision was kind of made for me. Anyway, I buy a newspaper and a coffee, then sit down to read the paper. The first few pages are full of the usual stuff you find in the paper. Thefts, beatings, drugs. I mean, this is Calgary after all. Then I come across an article about a 12 year old girl who took her Dad to court to have her grounding overturned. And won. That's when it struck me that this is part of the reason why the first few pages is full of garbage.

A good portion of crimes today are done by teenagers. This is because we get these idiotic psychologists who tell parents that spanking is wrong. Give the kid a "time-out" instead. The time out has got to be the most ridiculous punishment I've ever heard of.

The other reason kids are running wild is because of organizations like children's aid. In my opinion, they are the most useless organization around today. People are so scared to discipline their children because of the CAS that they let their kids run free and do whatever they want. The big threat is that the kids will call children's aid. Ya, I tried that once with my mom and she drove me there.

If parents don't start to discipline their kids, they will keep running wild and causing trouble. I remember days when kids were scared to do anything wrong because of what their parents would do to them if they found out. It's no coincidence that 50 years ago there wasn't as much youth crime as there is today. This all started when they started to introduce these alternative punishments like the time-out.

I say fuck the CAS and start spanking your kids.

Writing updates: Finished the first draft of my short story "Terror Eyes." I need some people to read it and critique. If anyone's interested, let me know ASAP. Also, Hatred is still coming along. I expect to be done Chapter One soon. The secret project is still in the development stages. I hope to start writing it once I get a few more stories out of the way.



Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok, I'm just gonna spout out about a few things here:

First of all, yes I have kids, and yes I live very far from them. I am doing my best to keep up a relationship with them at a distance, since I currently am not able to move back to where they live. The fact that I live so far away from them does not mean that I am not their father and it does not mean that it's okay for them to be taught to call someone else "Dad" and it also does not mean that it's okay for their mother to not call me and tell me things like my son broke his arm. If she actually had half a fucking brain and would stop losing my fucking phone number, maybe she would be able to call me every now and then and let me know what is going on with my fucking kids instead of me hearing it from everyone else that happens to know more about my fucking family than I do because some fucking selfish, inconsiderate bitch can't be bothered to pick up a fucking phone. Anytime something important happens in my children's lives, it would be nice to know about it. I love my kids, and I wish I could be back home to spend more time with them, however at this juncture in my life it's not gonna happen. So, if my ex-wife happens to ever read this: "PULL YOUR FUCKING HEAD OUT OF YOUR FUCKING ASS AND PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE AND CALL ME TO TELL ME WHAT"S GOING ON WITH MY KIDS!"

Secondly, I'm getting sick and tired of hearing about religion. I don't care what religion you are. I don't want to fucking hear about it. You want to be Christian? Fine. That's your problem. Leave me the fuck out of it. I hate having to hear people tell me I need Jesus. I tried to do the whole Jesus thing and the only thing I learned was that he is not the answer. If you pray, no one hears you. Prayer is the most useless thing in the world, with the bible a close second. I would God is the most useless thing, but since he is none existent, it pretty much goes without saying. So, if you feel the need to stop me on the street, or wherever just to tell me that I need Jesus in my life, here's my answer in advance: "FUCK YOU!!"

OK...I'm done spewing, now for writing updates. Secret project is still in its development stage, but it should be ready to go shortly. All the stories I'm currently working on are coming along slowly. Some research has to be done and it's getting harder to find the time. Also, two novels in the works: A horror novel called "Hatred" and a suspense novel that is untitled at the moment.

More updates to come.