Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok, I'm just gonna spout out about a few things here:

First of all, yes I have kids, and yes I live very far from them. I am doing my best to keep up a relationship with them at a distance, since I currently am not able to move back to where they live. The fact that I live so far away from them does not mean that I am not their father and it does not mean that it's okay for them to be taught to call someone else "Dad" and it also does not mean that it's okay for their mother to not call me and tell me things like my son broke his arm. If she actually had half a fucking brain and would stop losing my fucking phone number, maybe she would be able to call me every now and then and let me know what is going on with my fucking kids instead of me hearing it from everyone else that happens to know more about my fucking family than I do because some fucking selfish, inconsiderate bitch can't be bothered to pick up a fucking phone. Anytime something important happens in my children's lives, it would be nice to know about it. I love my kids, and I wish I could be back home to spend more time with them, however at this juncture in my life it's not gonna happen. So, if my ex-wife happens to ever read this: "PULL YOUR FUCKING HEAD OUT OF YOUR FUCKING ASS AND PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE AND CALL ME TO TELL ME WHAT"S GOING ON WITH MY KIDS!"

Secondly, I'm getting sick and tired of hearing about religion. I don't care what religion you are. I don't want to fucking hear about it. You want to be Christian? Fine. That's your problem. Leave me the fuck out of it. I hate having to hear people tell me I need Jesus. I tried to do the whole Jesus thing and the only thing I learned was that he is not the answer. If you pray, no one hears you. Prayer is the most useless thing in the world, with the bible a close second. I would God is the most useless thing, but since he is none existent, it pretty much goes without saying. So, if you feel the need to stop me on the street, or wherever just to tell me that I need Jesus in my life, here's my answer in advance: "FUCK YOU!!"

OK...I'm done spewing, now for writing updates. Secret project is still in its development stage, but it should be ready to go shortly. All the stories I'm currently working on are coming along slowly. Some research has to be done and it's getting harder to find the time. Also, two novels in the works: A horror novel called "Hatred" and a suspense novel that is untitled at the moment.

More updates to come.



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anastashia said...

Wow, to hear such words and lies from Joe Mulak does not surprise me in the least.

I would like to state for the record that your ex wife was very patient with your neglect of your children and herself.You are the cheater, you cheated on her so much while you were married and before that...your lies is what destroyed your marriage and yourself..i really hope that you can be honest to that lady you are with now, and yes everyone deserves a second chance.

It's to bad that you need to use your ex wife as a excuse for your moving away. I think the truth is, is that you are too lazy to make an effort in any relationship. Therefore your title as a father should be removed. Besides she has a man now that is getting things done and who is more of a father then you ever were or ever will be. So if it makes you feel better to write lies and little stories that make you look like a good dad and person go ahead you are only fooling yourself.

signed anonymously upset